Get Rid of Extra Trash?

Purple Overflow Bag Program

If you are producing one to three extra bags of trash a week, our purple overflow bag program is a great way to get extra trash removed curbside! You are allowed up to 5 bags out per week, per address. Click her for Purple Overflow Trash Bag Locations | Lowell, MA ( . Before throwing everything into the trash, consider if that item could be recycled simply by emptying the contents and rinsing it out. 

Request an Additional Set

If you find that you produce enough trash for 4 or more purple overflow bags every single week, it could make sense to procure an additional set (trash and recycling) for $275 / year, billed quarterly on your water utility bill. To obtain the additional set, please have the legal owner come to the DPW (1365 Middlesex St. Lowell MA) with a form of identification to fill out the paperwork needed to fulfill the request. Please note that you can request to have just a trash cart or just a recycling cart, however you will still be billed the full amount.


Bagster bags are smaller than dumpsters but allow residents to dispose of excess amounts of waste properly. Purchase a bagster bag (at a price of $35 dollars) at local home improvement stores or online. Bagsters are 8ft long, 4ft wide, and 2.5ft tall and can be filled up to 3,300 lbs. Please note that electronics, appliances, tires, food, or anything toxic/hazardous is not accepted for collection in Bagsters. After usage, go online to schedule a collection for waste. The price of removal varies; please check Bagster® ( for more details.


See our page here for more details.


If you have items in good or excellent condition that you no longer want, consider donating it. Check out our donation page for more information.