Assessing Forms

Helpful Documents

Processing Requests

All forms may be downloaded, completed and submitted to the Assessors Department. The property owner's signature must be on the form in order to process the request.

Motor Vehicle Abatement Request Form

Download, complete the form and mail it to the Assessors with all documentation necessary according to the application.

Affidavits of Address for Property

City Council Ordinance requires that property owners file an Affidavit of Address upon the purchase of a property and/or when there is a change in the owner mailing address or other information.

Change of Address Form

This form should be filed initially upon the purchase of a property and/or when there is a change in the mailing address for the tax or utility bills.

Form of List

To be filled out by all businesses located in the City of Lowell annually between January 1 and March 1.

(Personal property schedules are not open to public inspection)

Massachusetts Tax Form 3 ABC

Every organization seeking exemption pursuant to M.G.L. c.59, s.5 cl.3 must file a Form 3ABC with the assessors annually on or before March 1st. The filing of this form titled "Return of Property Held for Charitable and Other Purposes" is a state tax form and the filing is mandated by statute and cannot be waived by the assessors.

Income & Expense Forms

M.G.L. Ch. 59, s.38D titled "Written Return of Information to Determine Valuation of Real Property" A board of assessors may request the owner or lessee of any real property to make written return under oath within 60 days containing such information as may reasonably be required by it to determine the actual fair cash valuation of such property. Failure of an owner or lessee to furnish this information shall bar him from any statutory appeal under this chapter. In addition, if the owner fails to submit such information within the time and in the form prescribed, in addition to other penalties, there shall be added to the real tax levied upon the property in question for the next ensuing tax year the amount of fifty dollars on residential property, and two hundred fifty dollars on commercial and industrial property.

  • Annual Expenses For All Property Uses Form
  • Apartment Use Property Income Form
  • Commercial and Industrial Property Income Form
  • Mixed Use Property Income Form

Statutory Tax Exemptions

(Online July 1st through April 1.)

Must be downloaded, completed, signed and submitted to the Board of Assessors annually. Any application filed outside of this time frame must automatically be denied.

  • Blind Persons (Cl. 37A)
  • Elderly Exemption (Cl. 41D)
  • Widows and Widowers (Cl. 17E)
  • Disabled Veterans (Cl. 22)

Other Exemptions

Applications may be mailed, upon request, or picked up in the Assessors Office

  • Hardship Exemption (Cl. 18)
  • Temporary Hardship Exemption (Cl. 18A)
  • Widow (er) of Police or Fire
  • Elderly and Disabled (Annual file date: January 1st through April 1st)