On-Street Residential Parking Sticker


On-street residential parking is available on both the North and South Campus areas of UML but requires an On-Street Residential Parking Sticker.

Obtain a Parking Sticker

On-Street Residential Parking Stickers are subject to the following:

  1. The resident must provide proof of residence within the City of Lowell as follows:
    • If you own property, a real estate tax bill from the City or a utility bill, no more than 30 days old. 
    • If you rent property, you must provide a copy of a signed lease.
    • MA General Law requires that a car registration must be updated within 30 days of moving in.  (exception for students)
    • Neither license, nor vehicle insurance letters, or any other bills or form of identification are accepted as proof of residence.
  2. A valid Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles' (RMV) vehicle registration which clearly indicates the vehicle is either registered or principally garaged at the address for which the On-Street Residential Parking Sticker is being requested. 
    • Students will be provided a paper parking placard based on lease term. Vehicle registration must have principally garaged address as stated on lease.
    • Nonstudents are required to have the vehicle registered to the residential address provided.
    • No handwritten changes to registration or RMV change of address receipts will be accepted.  Only a valid, up to date vehicle registration will be accepted. MA RMV link to change Registration fee of $25.00.
    • Stickers are issued to specific vehicles and associated with specific RMV plates, and are immediately invalid (and subject to Parking Enforcement Tickets) if transferred to another vehicle, or if the plate number on the sticker does not correspond with the plate number on the vehicle.
  3. The vehicle must be current on City of Lowell Motor Vehicle Taxes, and can not have any outstanding parking tickets. No Stickers will be issued to any customer who has outstanding City of Lowell Motor Vehicle Excise taxes or Parking Tickets.
  4. Stickers can be obtained at the Parking garage office at 75 John Street.

If you have additional comments, questions, or concerns, please contact the Parking and Garages Department at 978-674-4014 for assistance.