City Mayor


The Office of the Mayor is uniquely positioned to serve as a vital link between citizens and their municipal government, and to foster greater communication and collaboration among Lowellians and their representatives at all divisions and levels of government.

As chair of the City Council, the Mayor must also lead in conducting its oversight of the City Auditor, City Clerk and City Manager.

With the public platform afforded the position, the City Mayor can highlight important issues in the community and use the office as a clearinghouse for well-researched ideas that could, when translated into meaningful policy initiatives with the City Council and School Committee, improve the quality of life for residents of Lowell. Similarly, the Mayor's Office also highlights the many community events, citizen activities and success stories that take place within Lowell each day.


As the official head of the City, the Mayor represents Lowell in more formal functions, which include presiding over School Committee and City Council meetings, hosting and attending events, and helping to grow partnerships-publicly and privately-that further the City's cultural and economic development.

Accordingly, the Mayor collaborates with municipalities in the Merrimack Valley, as well as counterparts in other cities across the state, nation, and world, in order to identify common challenges and opportunities, and better promote our own city as an exciting place to live, work, learn and play.