Acre Neighborhood District


Located in a portion of one of Lowell's earliest neighborhoods, the Acre Neighborhood District (AND) is a design review district created on October 12, 1999 by the Lowell City Council under procedures established pursuant to the Lowell Historic Board's state statute (Lowell Historic District Act, Chapter 566, Acts of 1983).

Creation of the AND was the first neighborhood review district established under the Board's statute and first expansion of its review powers since the boundaries of the Downtown Lowell Historic District (DLHD) were expanded in 1986.

Development Goals

Establishment of this design review district was an important element of the Acre Urban Revitalization and Development Plan. The Plan called for the creation of the district to ensure proper and coordinated development in the plan area not already included in the DLHD.

The goal is to maintain the historic urban character of the Acre neighborhood and ensure that future development complements that existing character. Establishing design review controls in the neighborhood was a major element of the Plan in order to ensure that community actions would not be inconsistent with the Plan's goals.
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Before Getting Started

Within the AND, the erection, demolition, or alteration of any exterior feature (and interior work when it affects the exterior appearance) of a building, structure, or parcel requires the review and approval of the LHB before work begins and any other City approvals are issued.

The best way to determine if the work you're contemplating in the AND requires LHB review is to contact the staff.  The LHB and its staff are always available to assist you with any questions regarding design and process in the district.

Click on the links below to find out more about permitting requirements, design standards, approval process, and other information related to the AND.