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City of Lowell  Advisory Boards, Commissions and other Advisory Bodies


The City of Lowell has over twenty Boards, Commissions, and other Advisory Bodies charged with performing the critical role of informing the public and its officials about important and complex issues. These Advisory Bodies also provide citizens the opportunity to provide input on the policies that shape their government and their City. Over 100 dedicated citizens appointed by the City Manager (and possibly requiring City Council approval) provide an invaluable service to the City through their work on Advisory Bodies. To find out more about a specific Advisory Body please review the individual advisory board pages. 

Advisory Body member generally receive no financial compensation, but the payoff is great. Members meet other residents with similar interests, learn about the City, and help shape the future of the City of Lowell. However, being on an Advisory Body does require significant personal commitment, so potential applicants should consider their ability to commit their time and personal energy before applying. As Advisory Body meetings are open to the public, potential applicants are encouraged to sit in on monthly meetings. 

How to Participate

As Advisory Body seats become available, they are posted on the City's website. Please note that even though the specific Advisory Body that interests you may not have available opportunities at this time, the City would like to hear of your Advisory interests! Please do so by submitting a cover letter (clearly specifying which Advisory Body you are interested in serving on), along with your resume, qualifications, and any additional supporting documentation for future consideration to: The City of Lowell Office of Human Relations, 375 Merrimack Street Rm 19, Lowell MA 01852. 

Note that Residency requirements may apply to your appointment. Residency City Code 15-167: All persons appointed to membership on Boards and Commissions of the City shall be residents of the City unless a particular Act specifies otherwise. Also MGL C.41, s.109 provides that where residence is required of a Board member and he/she ceases to be a resident, he/he shall be deeded to have vacated the office. 

Advisory Body Details 

A list of the various Advisory Bodies, and their assigned Chairperson (if applicable) is displaced on the next page. Subsequent pages provide additional information for each Advisory Body. Lists and memberships are displayed in alphabetical order. 

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