Cherrington and Cherrington

Frank Cherrington (1850-1889) apprenticed with carpenter and architect Stephen Tourtellot in Worcester beginning in 1866.  He became a junior partner in 1872 and the firm became known as Tourtellot and Cherrington but Tourtellot’s death in 1873 left Frank as the sole proprietor.  His brother LeRoy joined the firm, ran the Lowell office, but by the spring of 1876, Cherrington and Cherrington dissolved after a short tenure primarily due to differences between the two brothers.

Cherrington and Cherrington designed the Italianate style Gorham Street Firehouse (1875), one of the city’s finest and earliest firehouses.  They were also awarded the design commission for the High Victorian Gothic style Boston & Maine Railroad Depot headhouse (1876, 240 Central Street) with LeRoy remaining as the depot’s architect after the dissolution of the firm. Frank continued to design the Italianate style Southwick Block (ca. 1879, 72 Prescott Street) with his last known work in Lowell being the Edson Cemetery Chapel (1881).

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