Complaint Against Lowell Police Department


The Lowell Police Department Professional Standards Division is mandated to investigate allegations of misconduct against employees of the Lowell Police Department. All allegations of employee misconduct are investigated by conducting a thorough and impartial examination of all available factual information.

How Do I file a Complaint?

Complaints against members of the Lowell Police Department may be made by phone, letter or in person. The Complaint Forms (PDF) may be downloaded below or obtained at the main desk area at the Lowell Police Department. If you need to speak with someone, please call 978-937-3200.

Complaint Form (English)
Complaint Form (Spanish)
Complaint Form (Khmer)
Complaint Form (Arabic)
Complaint Form (Swahili)
Complaint Form (Portuguese) 

What Happens to My Complaint After It is Received?

All complaints received by the Department are forwarded to the Professional Standards Division. When a complaint is received, it is reviewed to determine the nature of the allegations. The most serious complaints are investigated by the Professional Standards Division. These complaints involve allegations of excessive force, or complaints alleging criminal activity.

Complaints comparatively less serious in nature, such as rude behavior or improper procedure are forwarded to the Sector Captain, who that Officer works under. In every case, the person making the complaint will be contacted during the investigation for additional information, and will be notified by mail of the final disposition.