Domestic Violence

Help Stop Domestic Violence!

In an emergency, always call the Lowell Police Department for assistance!

Pattern of Control

Domestic violence is a pattern of control used by one person to exert power over another. Verbal abuse, threats, physical, and sexual abuse are the methods used to maintain power and control. Domestic violence may occur in a particular pattern or may be random acts. It may happen frequently or may be a rare occurrence.

Domestic violence crosses all social, economic, racial, cultural and religious boundaries. Experience indicates that incidents of violence tend to increase over time, as does the severity of the attacks.

There is never an excuse for violence.


Learn about an Abuse Prevention Order, called a "209A" or a "Restraining Order." A 209A is a civil court action that provides immediate protection from physical or sexual harm caused by force, or threat of harm from a family or household member including:

  • the parent of your minor child
  • a person with whom you have had a substantial dating relationship
  • a present or former household member
  • a relative by blood or marriage
  • a spouse or former spouse
In an emergency, always call the Lowell Police Department for assistance!

Trust Your Instincts

Please trust your instincts. If you are afraid something may happen, take your personal feelings seriously and protect yourself. You know the situation better than anyone else. For more information related to Domestic Violence, contact the Family Services Unit via 978-674-4502.