U.S. Post Office

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1986, the former U.S. Post Office (1932) located at 50 Kearney Square was built by the federal government as Lowell's post office.  The building is one of many in Lowell to have served as a post office through the years.  A distinguished example of Neoclassical architecture, it was designed by one of Lowell’s only native architects at the time, George Augustine Daidy.

Two Massachusetts Cotton Mills boardinghouses (1839-41) were originally located here which were demolished in 1910 and replaced by a five-story storehouse.  The site was purchased for the post office in 1929, the existing storehouse demolished, and construction began on the post office in August, 1930.  It opened in January, 1932 after postal operations were transferred from the former location at 89 Appleton Street.

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The building remained a post office until the late 1960s and it became home to a variety of federal agencies including the IRS, a Veteran’s Administration clinic, and the FBI.  Middlesex Community College acquired the building in 1996, renovating it at a cost of $11 million.  Named in honor of former Congressman F. Bradford Morse in 2006, the building houses various college functions including the campus library.

The building is also located within the National Register-listed Lowell National Historical Park & Preservation District as well as the Downtown Lowell Historic District, a local historic and architectural review district under the jurisdiction of the Lowell Historic Board.