Register a Vacant or Foreclosing Property

There is a City ordinance that requires the registration and maintenance of these properties. A copy of the Vacant Foreclosing Application can be found here.

If you have any further questions, you may review the ordinance here, and contact Development Services for any additional information.

Vacant/Foreclosed Fees

Type Fee
Registration of Vacant and/or Foreclosed Properties $1,000 per Year
Each Subsequent Renewal, Cumulative
**(Fee Calculated by Number of Years Registered)**
$1,000 per Year for 
Each Year Registered
Failure to Register Up to $500 per Week
Costs/Expenses Incurred by the City At Cost


Comments, questions, or concerns related to vacant or foreclosing properties should be directed to the City Development Services Office at 978-674-4144, where every attempt to return your call in a timely manner will be made as appropriate - please note, however, that due to the volume of calls received, there may be delays in responding.