Pay by Plate Metered Parking

Beginning May 23, 2023, the City of Lowell will begin using the "Pay by Plate" program for all on-street parking.

New parking kiosks will require customers to enter the license plate of the car they are driving as part of the parking process.  All meter enforcement will be driven off the license plate number entered for the zone in which you park.

Space numbers have been removed from city streets. No longer will you enter a space number for parking.  

Pay by Plate has been implemented on the following streets as we install units throughout the City.  Below is a listing of streets and zone numbers for upgraded streets. Both Kiosk and App payments are accepted for these zones and this list will be updated as we install units.

Appleton St - 1246

Arcand Dr - 1247

Canal St - 1251

Elliot St - 1258

Gorham St - 1263

Gorham Lot - 1264

Hurd St - 1266

Jackson St - 1267

Marston St - 1273

Middle St - 1275

Middlesex St - 1276

Marston St. 1273

Shattuck St - 1283

Warren St - 1286

6 easy steps will get you on your way:
1. Press the Green Start button.
2. Verify language (English or Spanish) and parking zone.
3. Enter the license plate number.
4. Select the amount of time.
5. Select payment type (coin or cash or card).
6. Enter funds.
On your way…….

Parking zones are posted on City Streets and at the kiosk you are using.  The kiosk being used will default to the zone it is in, but you can pay for parking in any zone at any kiosk.

Using the Passport Parking App, parking payments can be made starting at 7:00AM, one hour before enforcement begins at 8:00AM.

All meters are in effect Monday through Saturday 8 a.m. - 6 p.m. The on-street meter rate is:

  • 12 minutes - $0.30
  • 1 hour - $1.50

Time Limit

The majority of meters / Kiosks adhere to a maximum time limit, in which you will need to move your car after this time. If you extend your session beyond the maximum time limit you are now meter feeding and are subject to being ticketed.

Please note that all Kiosk run on real time.

Any parking longer than 2 hours should be parked in one of the six parking garages.

15-Minute Parking:

Free 15-minute parking is allowed on Central, Market, Merrimack, and Palmer Streets as a trial.  Kiosks on these streets will have a green 15-Minute button.   Push this button and enter your license plate number for a free 15-minute time limit.   You will need to enter your license plate number on the kiosk for your free time and you must use the kiosk, the App will not support this function.   

If you choose to stay, additional funds must be added.

Please note that all Kiosk run on real time.

Any parking longer than 2 hours should be parked in one of the six parking garages.

Locate the Meter or Space Number

Use this map to find a kiosk.

"Bag" a Meter

Any person or company working in the downtown area and needs to have their work vehicle close to the site, may rent a meter / space bag. Please note the following information:

  • The cost is $14 per bag/space per day.
  • There is a $50 deposit per space(which will be refunded when the bags are returned).
  • Bags can be picked up at John St Parking Facility.

Broken Meters

If your meter is broken or jammed, you should move to a functioning meter.  

If your meter is broken and you receive a ticket, please report the broken meter to 978-674-4014.