Snow Center

Snow Emergency Parking Ban Information

During substantial storms, the City may declare a Snow Emergency Parking Ban which prohibits parking on streets. When a snow emergency is declared, information is made available at 978.937.3200, the City's homepage, all City maintained Social Media Pages and on WCAP980am. Additionally the City of Lowell’s Emergency Management System will send out a reversed 911 call to landlines and registered phones. To receive notifications about snow emergencies via e-mail, text message, and/or phone announcement (for any landline or cell phone in the city or elsewhere), sign up for NotifyMe on

Every effort is made to give residents as much advance notice as possible of an impending snow emergency.

In the event that the City of Lowell declares a Snow Emergency, please note the following:

  1. All vehicles must be off the street within 6 hours of the declaration.
  2. City of Lowell residents who do not have off-street parking available to them are offered free parking in select City garages until the snow emergency is lifted. The available facilities will be listed on the notice of parking ban. (Where to park)
  3. Once the Snow Emergency is lifted, any City of Lowell residents that have parked in the City Garages will have 2 hours to remove their vehicles without incurring any additional expenses. Vehicles not removed within two hours might accrue a fee from that time until the vehicle is removed.
  4. Elderly citizens and families of young children can have early access to city garages in the event that the Snow Emergency is declared to begin after 6pm.

For comments, questions, or concerns, please contact the City of Lowell Parking Department at 978-674-4014 or visit us at the Parking Office at 75 John St. in Downtown Lowell.

Snow Emergency Alerts

The City sends snow emergency alerts via email, text message, and/or phone announcements using its Emergency Management System. This service will be used for snow emergencies affecting the City of Lowell.

Parking Garage Locator

Click here to find a Parking Garage that’s offering off-street parking during a declared snow emergency parking.