Before calling the Parking Department, please take a look at the FAQ's below.

Parking Citations:

  1. I paid my parking ticket, how long before my RMV hold is cleared so I can (re) register my car?   It typically takes 3 to 5 business days for the registry to clear a ticket from the time you pay it. If paid on a Friday, it will take longer because of the weekend.
  2. Can I pay my parking ticket at 75 John Street Parking Office?    No, tickets can only be paid at City Hall (375 Merrimack St, office #30) or on-line at lowellma.rmcpay.com
  3. How do I appeal a ticket I received?    Tickets may be appealed at lowellma.rmcpay.com or on paper at 75 John St..   You will need your citation number or your license plate number.  Please also include your Name, Address, phone number and email address..   Please include any pictures of the parking stub or any other information that may help the hearing officer.

Residential Parking Stickers:

  1. How do I get a Residential Parking Sticker? You will need the following:
    • Filled out application.
    • Current Tax Bill (if a property owner)
    • Current signed lease (if renter)
    • car registered to or principally garaged at said address
    • Driver license
    • no outstanding parking tickets
  2. Can I get a sticker on-line? No, not at this time.  Stickers may be obtained by visiting the Parking Office at 75 John St or my mail. 
  3. I am a UML Student, how do I get a sticker?  Please call the Parking Office at (978)674-4014.
  4. What does "Principally Garaged" mean? This is where the car will be parked/garaged in the City of Lowell, which can be different from where the car is formally registered to.  This allows the City of Lowell to collect the excise tax charged to the car on a yearly basis.
  5. How can I change my registration?  Go to the RMV Site to make changes.
  6. Is there a fee to change my registration? Yes, the RMV charges $25.00 to change your registration and allow you to print it out.
  7. Can I get a sticker for a rental car? If you have a current residential parking sticker, the Parking Department will issue you a visitors pass for the length of time that you require a rental car. You must come to the parking office to get the pass. 
  8. Can I get a sticker for my leased car? Yes, all of the information in Step 1 above and original lease paperwork must include the address that the car resides or is principally garaged.

Reserved Dwelling Signs:

  1. What is a Reserved Dwelling Sign?  The Reserved Dwelling Sign allows for one 20 foot parking space in front of said property.  The space is for use by any resident of the dwelling and is not a reserved space for any one vehicle.  Only one sign is allowed for any dwelling (single family or multifamily).  Signs are not to be used at commercial property or large apartment/condominium buildings.   The Parking Department will review all new applicants and any questionable signs as reported.
  2. Is there an application?   Yes, you can download it here.
  3. What paperwork do I need to get a sign?  You will need the following:
    • Current Tax Bill (if a property owner)
    • Current signed lease (if renter)
    • Driver license
    • Fee of $10.00 (cash, check or money order, no credit cards)
  4. Can I get a sign on-line? No, not at this time.  Signs may be obtained by visiting the Parking Office at 75 John St. or my mail. 
  5. How much does a Reserved Dwelling Sign cost?  $10.00 for new sign and renewals.
  6. How long is the sign good for? One year. Signs must be renewed once a year based on the month it was obtained.  The month is indicated by the number 1 thru 12 located in the lower left corner of the sign (1 is January, 2 is February, 3 is March, etc.).  Out of date signs will be voided by the parking department and space will be open to all for parking.
  7. What do I need to renew my sign?  You will need to fill out the application, your drivers license and the fee of $10.00.
  8. How many signs can I get for my house/apartment? Only one sign is grant per dwelling.
  9. Can I get a sign for my business? No, signs are for residential dwelling only.
  10. I live in Back Central neighborhood, can I get a sign? Signs are not allowed for dwellings in Back Central Street area if dwelling has a driveway and or listed within the City Ordinance as not permissible.

Meter Bags:

  1. Why do I need a Meter Bag?  Meter bags are used to reserve an on street parking space for a temporary amount of time, typically for moving, utility work or a business need.  The City will also bag meters for civic events such as Winterfest, City of Lights Parade or Folk Fest.
  2. How much dose a Meter Bag Cost?  Currently, the cost is $14.00/day/space.
  3. Is there a security deposit on the bag? Yes, $50.00/bag. Deposit will be returned when bags are returned to Parking Office.
  4. Where do I get a Meter Bag?  Applications and Meter bags can be obtained at the Parking Office, 75 John St.